The Place Called Done . It’s my choice to believe in my heart that Jesus is LORD, the resurrected Son of God, the God, the only living God, our Creator and the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob/Israel  and to possess the blessings of God in Christ Jesus by saying, declaring God’s Word.  I am a brand new creature alive to God though my born-again spirit.  I can have what is written in the Hebrew/Christian Bible if I say and claim the word for myself!  Obey my born-again spirit, live according to my spirit’s ability and the Holy Spirit’s direction.  If  I believe in my heart and not doubt in my heart, I can have what the Bible says I have when I say it.  I am born-again of the Spirit of God my human spirit is born of God,  I am baptized in the Holy Spirit of God and He dwells in me.  I can speak as the  Holy Spirit gives me utterance (ability) in a God-given language called “tongues” in the Bible.   I am in the spirit when I pray in tongues.  Thereby my born-again spirit is praying mysteries (I do not even understand what I am saying) to my Father in the name of Jesus.  I am praying the perfect plan of God into my life without even having any idea what God has planned.  My spirit is praying when I pray in tongues. Everytime i pray in tongues I BELIEVE what I am saying that God is changing things in my life, family, circumstances,  the kingdom and the family of God.  So I give myself to pray in the Holy Spirit as often and as long as i can!!! 
 I hereby declare that I am not satisfied with any lack in my life because  all lack has been placed on Jesus on the cross.  He came into me taking all sin and lack of my person and circumstances with Him on the cross and He died with me on the cross.  God my Father allowed all His wrath for my sin and short-coming of His glory to be placed on Jesus. I go free to serve my Father God for all eternity.  I live in Christ and He lives in me.  So therefore, sin no longer has dominion over me.  I choose to stay on this born-again trail! (Born-Again Trail)  
I submit to God, His Son Jesus, the Truth, the Holy Bible, God’s Word and resist the devil!. I refuse to receive or be in sin or have any curse of the law to live with me.  I choose to obtain and walk in all the provision of God in my salvation obtained in this born-again exchange.  I receive all the blessings of God that he placed on faithful Abraham.  I will not walk in, accept or put up with any of the curses that are outlined in the Book of Deuteronomy chapter 28. God through the blood of Jesus has redeemed me from all curse of the law.  I am not under the curse of the law.  I have been born-again of the Holy Spirit.  I am under the LAW of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus.  I am blessed. My body is completely whole with the Blessings of Psalm 103 manifesting in me. 
In worship of God my Father, I say,  “Bless the Lord, oh my soul!  All that is within me, bless His holy name!!  Oh my Father, I thank you for saving me  Bless the Lord, O my soul,
and forget not all his benefits!  You have forgiven all my sin and iniquity!  I thank you LORD.  You have healed all my diseases.  You have redeemed my life from the pit destruction; and crowned me with lovingkindness and tender mercies; You have brought me out of the kingdom of darkness and crowned me into the kingdom of light and God’s dear Son.  You have satisfied my mouth with good things (beautiful perfectly formed strong teeth, none broken or missing. and food to satisfy my food requirements),  I want to praise you LORD. Thank You!  You have restored my youth it is renewed like the eagle’s.  I worship you LORD! I love your word and promises.  I take them to heart for your glory!  Thank you for loving me your new-born child.  I come to you for refreshing and fellowship.  I praise you LORD!  Help me to always remember your benefits and goodness.  I worship you!
I am an example of one glorifying God my Father and enjoying Him forever as I live and move and have my being in Christ Jesus. 
I will get to the place called DONE in body and soul. I am already there in spirit! I  will intercede for my family, friends, loved ones, those in authority over me, my country, President Trump, the House, the Senate and the Supreme Court of the United States and for the nation of Israel.   I will not stop for anything less than the best of what God has provided for me. My goal and aim is to praise, glorify and enjoy My Father God, my LORD His Son, and Holy Spirit forever.   I am grateful to live in the USA where freedom of religion is a law of the land and I pray that freedom increases as I work for Jesus as long as it is day.  
I pray, believe and make declaration that a sweeping awakening to God manifest in the city of Eatonton and Putnam county, all of Georgia, the United States reaching the world bringing  all who will choose to heaven with me.  The gates of hell does not stop this awakening to God.  He wins.  We win this charge of the LORD and i will be found on the battlefield in prayer for the lost for the LORD.  I am  going to educate the lost to the truth of  salvation!  The only way, only truth, only SALVATION is in JESUS CHRIST!  As a major part of this born-again trail I will in Christ go around doing good destroying the work of the devil.
The work of the believer, as I learned from the dearest Saint departed, Henry Gruver, is forgiving people of sin, remitting sin and asking our Father in the name of Jesus to also forgive and remit these sins, pour out his goodness on the sinners and give them space for repentance. Halleluyah! Jesus is LORD! Amen.